When you stay at a hostel in Hanoi, you’ll see advertisements EVERYWHERE for Sapa and family homestays. Here, I will tell you the cheapest and coolest way to see Sapa.

We stayed at the Hanoi Central Backpackers Hostel and purchased a roundtrip Sapa ticket for 20$. While we thought this was a good idea, go around the corner and walk down the street. You will find LOADS of deals concerning the best tickets for Sapa. I think the cheapest I saw was 13$ round trip. That’s a good deal.

Ronald and I were recommended by some friends to go to this place called Trek King King hostel. So, we booked a little hut and decided to stay there. It is a mix of a homestay and a hut/hostel because you have privacy, but they offer group breakfast and dinner.

The people who own this hostel are amazing, and they really strive to make sure you are happy. They spend dinners with you and breakfast asking you questions about your life and your travels. They genuinely want to get to know you and your story. Hard to come by these people nowadays.

When you arrive in Sapa, be prepared to be BOMBARDED with locals who either want to sell you stuff or ask you to stay at their home. Walk away. Definitely, have your place booked before you go. Or it will be shit.

ALSO. Please bring rain gear. it will rain. you will get wet. be prepared.

There are a bunch of taxis waiting because all of the hostels and homestays are located far from the Sapa area. PLEASE be careful. The set price is 200,000 dong. Seems a bit steep, and it definitely is, but the roads are crappy, and it takes a toll on the cars themselves.

The drivers will try and rip you off. This place and Hanoi are definitely the hubs for taxi rip-offs. That’s why in Hanoi you use Uber, and in Sapa, you just set a price.

Our driver made us pay a ‘toll’ on top of the 200,00, and we were dumb enough to pay it.

Don’t do this. The price is 200,000.


Since we arrived in the morning, we decided to put our stuff in our hut, and we rented a motorbike for the afternoon. While the roads are crazy, if you have a couple of trips under your belt, you can easily drive these roads.

We were able to see the tops of the rice patties, see the locals and how they farm, and we got to take in the jaw-dropping views.

Sapa was truly the highlight of my Vietnam trip.

The people at Trek King Kong were amazing, and the landscape is really nice.

We hired a taxi through Trek King Kong, and we made it back to town to eat a lunch and leave on the 1600pm bus the following day.

We spent our second day just lounging and enjoying what we could. There isn’t much to do in Sapa.

We opted not to trek because it was raining in the morning, and the rain had been heavy the days leading up to our trip, so we didn’t really want to be running around in the mud.

We thought that the motorbiking gave us a good enough view.

I loved Sapa, and the green scenery is hard to forget.

Definitely, add Sapa to your Vietnam Itinerary.



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