Now that my one month-long trip through Thailand is over, I feel that it is necessary to share with everyone the incredible experiences I encountered based on the amazing people I had the opportunity of meeting. The people below all impacted me in some sort of way throughout my journey. I had an absolutely life-changing experience here in Thailand, and I hand it all to the people below. I learned so much from the people I was surrounded by on this trip, and all I have to say is thank you for teaching, experiencing, laughing, and crying with me. You all made my month in Thailand absolutely unforgettable.

P.S. I don’t have everyone on social media, so if you’re reading this and know a person who is not tagged, please do not hesitate to tag them.

Sebastian: A tall blue eyed dark haired fella, who grew up in Spain, but is from the Netherlands. A student, traveling Thailand for a month. He was the first person we met at the Brick House Hostel. Although very confident in what he says and does, watching him eat a spicy pepper and almost die was one of the funniest things I saw on this trip.

Diego: An amazing fellow I wish I had the pleasure of spending more time with. An average joe with a great and caring personality. He just got a Sak Yant tattoo on his back that was beautifully put together. He just recently graduated so he took a trip to South East Asia. He spent a month in Vietnam and fell in love. Diego introduced toasties to us, and our lives changed forever. Headed back to the States to work for at least six months, I know he will be successful in whatever he decides to do.

Coen & Evan: Two of the most refreshing people I had the pleasure of meeting from the Netherlands. I met them while in the common area of Brick House in Chiang Mai, we went to Zoey in Yellow with them. Coen was one of the most mature people I have met on this trip, understanding that sometimes putting yourself first is okay. He was mature enough to move on from a long term relationship so he could find out more about himself. Evan was hesitant to believe that I had a sarcastic sense of humor, but he was a cool cat for sure.

Hayden: A fella from Seattle area. We met him in the common area of Chiang Mai playing piccolo with others like Diego, Robert, and Roald. I ended up spending a lot of time with Hayden throughout my trip in Thailand in places like Pai and at the Jungle Party and Fullmoon in Koh Phangan. Just graduated as well, Hayden is officially moving to Seattle and looking for a job. I am sure that his life will forever be bright, an amazing fella with a genuine heart.

Robert: The first man I met on this trip who sold all of his belongings to travel the world. There are always a few people I meet on a big trip who are unhappy with their lives, and kudos to them for making the huge leap of faith. Robert was a unique case, where he started out his journey in Thailand, but he had a motorbike accident very early on. Some Chinese family was walking across the street late at night, and in order to miss them, Robert had to stop and put the bike over, ultimately causing him to break his leg in two places. After a seven-hour surgery, he had an extremely long recovery ahead of him. We met him at Brick House Hostel in Chiang Mai and where he had been living for the past month, but he was hoping to leave soon. I haven’t been able to keep up with him, but I hope that he does indeed successfully recover and move onto see the rest of the world.

Roald: Wow. Where to start with this guy. I didn’t get to know this guy very well, but what I did learn was that this Dutch man was very into Thai women, and he definitely was not on a budget. This man had managed to pick up a Thai girl (actually female, not a ladyboy) and was going to stop his travel plans to be with her. Never saw this man again after Chiang Mai, but I was genuinely surprised to see how good-looking this Thai girl actually was. We were all thoroughly impressed.

Meredith: A spunky Michigan girl who went to school in New York completing a grant opportunity in India to help teach kids theater in lower castes of India. Although a whirlwind, she has a kind heart. She invited me and Julianne to go on an Elephant tour with her, and boy did we enjoy seeing those elephants!

Saurab: Meredith’s friend from India, he was tagging along with Meredith. They met along through mutual friends, and he pretty much did what Meredith wanted. Genuine guy who wanted to see people happy.

Jaspar & Michael: Julianne and I met these two boys on our Elephant tour with Meredith and Saurab. Jaspar and Michael were two mates traveling South East Asia after completing a semester abroad in New Zealand. Jaspar being from Canada was a laid-back dude with some wicked hair. Michael is a dance and chemistry major studying at UC Berkley in California. Spunky and proud of himself, Michael brought great energy and kept things interesting in the truck ride with his dance moves. Both of these boys were full of adventure.

Owen & Eric: Julianne and I briefly met these boys in Chiang Mai at the Brick House Hostel. They came to join Coen and Evan for the rest of their travels in Thailand. The four of them met in Koh Phangan for the Full Moon in July. Adventurous and thrill seeking friends, these two guys are currently motorbiking through Vietnam. I hope to meet up with them and that our paths will cross there. Best of luck to these two, and thank you for the motorbiking advice.

Lidor & Leon: Two Israeli guys who just finished their terms in the military. Both not sure what their future holds, these two guys are hoping to find some of their soul on their travels. Leon is a more quiet soul while Lidor is the goofball. We met them on the van ride up to Pai. Extremely entertaining, I wish the best for these two and their travels.

Joris: An aspiring DJ from Portugal. We met him on the car ride up to Pai as well. He has great taste in music and has been living in LA for the past year. He has yet to release any demos, but as soon as he does, I will be sure to mention him here. I wish nothing but success for this guy, but only because we both love Don Diablo.

Wout: An impulsive, crazy, loving, madman from the Netherlands. I first met him in the common area of my hostel in Pai. He’s an electrician and was traveling with his two other Dutch friends, whom together made the perfect trio. Wout was one of the five men on this trip who significantly changed my life. My favorite memory of Wout is watching him tailgate the crap out of Thai people on his scooter just trying to be a daredevil. Although this scared the shit out of me, his ballsiness taught me to live a little more.

Jack: The most caring, loving, and accepting British man you will ever meet. He cares for you and your friends, enjoys spending time with you sober or not. He always wants to make sure you have a good time, and yet again, his lost soul helped me discover part of mine.

Gijs: The most loyal Dutch person in the Netherlands. Infatuated with his girlfriend, Gijs still makes it a point to care for others and their needs. He’s always willing to have a great time and doesn’t harp on you for being who you are. Goofy and sincere, Gijs is a great man. I met him in Pai as well. We saved him from a lost Dutch girl seeking Gijs’ attention.

Robin: Although Robin surprised us with his ability to pull off a beautiful Portuguese woman, this man deserves nothing more than the best. Studying to be an engineer in the Netherlands, Robin has such a successful life ahead of him. He taught me to love a little more and not to fear the road ahead based on other people.

Olly: The funniest Brit you can ever meet, I met this fool on the bus ride journey down from Pai back to Chiang Mai. He showed up to the bus at 7 am with a box full of Pad Thai. The crazy journey down the mountain made him extremely sick and watching him almost die had to have been one of my best memories. I spent the following two weeks with this man and the other four listed above. Olly has taken time out of his crazy journeys to help me plan mine. I will definitely be visiting him here in the fall. He’s a great fella and I will forever be grateful for these five men.

You can read more about how these five men impacted my life here.

Emily: I met Emily on a tour throughout Pai. She is a Canadian student from Vancouver. Traveling alone, Emily is learning how to love herself and become more confident. Emily is living proof that hardships help you become a stronger person. Studying to become a doctor, her next few years of school are going to be difficult, but I know she will be successful. I hope she learns to live a little more, but I also hope that this trip impacts her life in the best of ways. Solo travel helps you understand so much about yourself, and I know in her final weeks of travel she will continue to grow.

Neemrod: An Israeli start up man in his thirties searching for life’s answers. Unhappy with his career, he left Israel in hopes of updating himself. He was the first man on this trip to state something that really stuck with me. “You update your computer more than you update yourself, asking questions like, are you happy?” The truth behind these words hit me so hard, I could barely breathe. We spend so much time worrying about our life goals, do we actually ask ourselves how we are doing?

Spanish couple: Although I was unable to catch the name of these two, this couple was so madly in love, I couldn’t resist writing about them. Julianne and I met these guys on the tour throughout Pai as well. From Mexico, this couple was just spending two weeks in Thailand. He was the first to make the move to Australia on a working visa, and then after a year, she joined him. Offered a sponsorship, she was about to make the decision to move to Australia forever. These two were absolutely couple goals, and I wish them the best for their future in Australia.

Ronald: An amazing man from the Netherlands and recent graduate in Electrical Engineering, he’s about to start a career in the beginning of September. Traveling with the most entertaining group of Dutch boys I met on this trip, Julianne and I originally spotted this crew in Chiang Mai at a bar based on their offensive bracelets they had all purchased for each other. We later noticed them in Pai by their weird clothes and bracelets again. Julianne and I played pool and beer pong with them. We continued to meet these boys throughout our entire trip of Thailand. Although these boys left about a week ago, Ronald was the only one to skip his flight to stay longer. He will be traveling with me through Vietnam and words can’t express how happy I am to be spending the next several weeks with him. 

Cas: Part of the entertaining group of boys, Cas ironically ALMOST has the same last name as I do. I didn’t get to hang out with him as much as the other boys, but I do know that through Perry’s videos, Cas is an entertaining fellow.

Perry: Oh Perry the Platypus. An aspiring Filmographer and Youtuber, Perry is dedicated to his passion and his fashion. Finishing his senior thesis now, I have a special place in my heart for this sassy man. His editing skills and ability to be entertained by even the smallest of things, Perry is a great man leading to do great things. Once Perry finds his niche, he will be successful in anything he finally decides to do. You can check out his latest youtube videos here

Jan: Out of this group, Jan is the most entertaining of the bunch. The crazy, charismatic, goofy man, Jan is my spirit animal. He’s a bundle of joy times 10. Wanting to be featured on my blog, Jan deserves a spot right here being number one in the category of entertainment.

Mark: Out of this group of hilarious boys, Mark is the most passionate. Dabbling in a little bit of everything from photography, modeling, and fishing, Mark is an exquisite man. After chasing his girlfriend for ages, he is still so madly in love with her it’s an inspiring story in itself. He can go from the life of the party to being a mature conversationist in a matter of seconds. Genuinely listening to what you have to say and what you want to do, Mark is destined to live a fulfilling life.

Justin: The Viking from Australia. Justin is an inspiration to me and my future. He has been traveling South East Asia for the past eight months, Justin like many other travelers has been searching for himself. To be honest, I think he has. He is one of the few people I met on this journey whom I believe is actually happy. He has a good time with anyone and creates his own fun and happiness. Something I wish people would do more often.

Sam & Jason: The first brother and sister travelers I met while traveling on this trip. A unique duo, extremely protective of each other, I was pleased to meet them at the Half-moon Party. They’re from Scotland, and extremely difficult to understand. Julianne and I spent about a week on and off with these two while in Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. 

Martin & Ben: A doctor from the Czech Republic, I met this man at our first hostel in Koh Tao called Spicy Tao. Incredibly impressed with his ability to hold a conversation, I hope to keep in touch with him and Ben so that we can meet again in the Czech.

Julie: The niece of the owner Spicy Tao, Julie was the first hostel employee we met that helped and introduced us to things around the island. She got a group of people together to go and enjoy dinner at the BEST Thai restaurant I have ever been to. Genuine and interested in learning everything she can from the people who stay at her hostel, Julie is a spunky spirit who will forever be a shining light.

Stan: Well Stan from the Netherlands has a special place in my adventures through Thailand solely because he is so good at beer ping that he should seriously consider going pro. He was my roommate at Taco Shack in Koh Tao and was also the sole reason why I blacked out this evening in Thailand. F Stan for real though. Very thankful for meeting this guy and letting me join him and two other Dutch men for rounds of beer pong that proved not all Americans are actually good at that drinking game.

Jeanine: A crazy, adventurous, sometimes overbearing Dutch girl from the Netherlands, is filled with more facts than five people can obtain. Super smart and spaztic, this girl is confident in what she does and knows what she wants. Something more people should learn.

Belle: The Thai worker behind the desk at Taco Shack. Interestingly enough, this man has an English accent when he speaks English because he studied in London. Life of the Taco Shack Party, Belle is a great employee who wishes to see his customers having the time of their life.

Pascal: A man from the Netherlands, Pascal and I spent about five days together throughout our journeys of Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. I enjoyed being in Pascal’s presence because not only is he very raw, but he is also very kind. Pascal is a perfect combination of honesty and sincerity. He is a no bullshit man with a very kind heart. Having been through many tough obstacles in his life, Pascal is someone who I will continue to be in contact with. He and Roy will always be some of my dearest friends.

Roy: An incredibly successful and humble man from the Netherlands. I met him along with Pascal and Stan at Fishbowl while playing beer pong. He and Stan were partners, and sadly this was the night I almost died. Roy, Pascal, Julianne and I spent a day together in Koh Tao riding scooters and visiting different bays and beaches. It is incredibly inspiring to be around a person such as Roy. He is living proof that not all successful people are assholes. Genuine, down to earth, and extremely kind, Pascal and Roy will forever leave a positive impact on my life.

Jake: A solo traveler from the UK searching for himself. Jake is one of those people who is just happy to be alive. He appreciates the little things in life, and even though life isn’t perfect, Jake always has a smile on his face. About to start Uni, Jake is excited to start his upcoming journey. Jake is someone whom I hope to remain in contact with. We met because he was my roommate at the Taco Shack. He went out to dinner with us a couple times and also went on the Koh Tao pub crawl with us.

Sam: Although I only briefly met Sam, he is someone I aspire to be. Searching for himself like many other travelers I met throughout the journey, Sam was my roommate at Taco Shack. He and I will be making plans to campervan through the United States. I hope we stay in touch and I wish him the best for anything that life gives him.

Dan & Dan: I met Dan from D.C, and Dan from Germany all in one at the Koh Tao Pub Crawl. Dan from D.C. mentioned that from everything on his trip, he most importantly learned that not all toilets have sinks. After just graduating scuba together, these two were great entertainment. 

Billy: Billy, Billy, Billy. I met him and Aiden in Koh Tao for a few brief moments at Chopper Bar in Koh Tao. He is friends with Jack. Billy and I attended the Jungle Party and Fullmoon together. The one and the only person I have met on this entire trip that knows exactly how to push my buttons just before I am about to pop off. Hilarious and Charismatic, this sarcastic fool is too funny not to be around.

Aiden: The first Coloradoan I met on this trip. He hates Fort Collins and loves Boulder, so I hate him. (not really, just a rivalry)

Luke: The Irish guy who leads the front desk at the Nomad House in Koh Phangan. A cheery fellow who has piercing blue eyes. Although he meets 420 people a day and has absolutely no recollection of me, he and the other two Mexican employees at Nomad House made my stay unforgettable. 

2 Mexican Bartenders: Although I never caught the name of these bartenders, these two guys deserve some recognition. They were the life of the party. Our group saw them actually partying at the Half-Moon, and they were nothing but great people. I wish them the absolute best. They and Luke made the stay at Nomad House unforgettable.

Martin: An English DJ turned Scuba Instructor, Martin is hands down the best man I met on my journeys throughout Thailand. A man who is passionate and serious about teaching and showing others the incredible new world below the surface. Martin is simply a hoot to be around. He has the ability to make the most difficult people learn about Scuba diving, and it is absolutely inspiring to watch his patience and ability to deal with people even in some of the most dangerous situations.

Cobus: An aspiring Divemaster and Assistant to Sairee Cottage from South Africa, this man is searching for himself. Dropping everything to try diving even though he had never dove before is absolutely inspiring. I give him props for not only leaving his country but leaving everything he knew behind to chase a dream he wasn’t sure would work out. Amazing fellow, going to accomplish many things, all while settling for nothing less than happiness.

Caroline & Mary: Two gals from Ireland with some of the thickest accents I met on this trip. In our diving group, these two girls were an interesting duo and nothing shy of entertainment. Caroline is studying to either be a P.E. or history teacher and Mary is studying to be a nurse. I have no doubt that these two ladies have it in their heart to put others first. While enjoying their time abroad volunteering and traveling, these two girls brought me to tears countless times.

Ross: While I only met Ross from England for just two evenings, he holds a special place in my memories. He along with many others were stuck waiting to attend the Jungle Party sitting underneath the cover of a 24 hour open Mart. When we met, he was turning 22, and I believe I was more excited for him than he was. Hilarious, and thriving off of the energy around him, I wish I would’ve been able to spend more time with him.

Ahmed & Friends: The first group of hilarious guys Julianne and I met on our way to the Fullmoon party. Although Ahmed was one of the only ones who could speak English from his group, he allowed us to write “I cum fast” on the mask of one of his friends. We were unable to spend much time with him and his friends, but the thirty minutes we spent sharing paint before the party made the beginning of the night incredible.

Paul & Paul: Paul and Paul were two Irish guys I met from a group of 9 at the Fullmoon party. Although I only spent a short hour with these hooligans, they were the highlight of my entire Fullmoon experience. One of the Paul’s admitted, “Hey, I have three older sisters, so if you need saving, let me know.” He was continuously checking on me all while still having an amazing time. I can’t express my gratitude for these two guys. I was unable to get their information, so if you know these two, please tag them.

Will & Tucker: The only two guys I met on this journey from Colorado, so of course they deserve a shoutout. Adventurous, fun, and genuine, these two were fun to party with. Realizing we had mutual friends made this meeting even more hysterical.

2 Italians: Thank goodness Julianne and I did not receive these two guys information, but they deserve a shoutout. Within seconds of being confronted by these two men, not only did they try to stick their tongues down our throat, but they did successfully lick our faces like two dogs. Immediately Julianne screamed, “My Dad warned me about you Italians”. Mr. Primsky was nothing shy of correct. These two guys were INSANE.

Lady with juice box: Quick shoutout to this girl for looking up where my hostel was so I could get home at 8 am in the morning. Bravo. I know absolutely nothing about her, but hey, THANKS.

Bruno: The Brazilian who I watched the sunrise with at the Fullmoon party. It was an absolute honor to watch the sunrise with such an amazing guy. He was also more than willing to take pictures of me making fun of the beached whales at the end of the party. One of the highlights of my entire trip in Thailand.

Bidwell: The CRAZIEST of CRAZY things happened with this guy. Turns out that not only does he live in Florida, but you can see his living room from my window. He lives in my community and happens to live directly across the street, thus making us neighbors. Insane that we were able to meet for the first time in the lobby of a hostel in Krabi. A great firefighter with an awesome personality. Excited to see him in the future since we live just across the road.

Scott: A man who had befriended Bidwell and his friend Ian, Scott was nothing short of an American comedian from Washington. He was the center of our entertainment on our night out in Krabi.

Ben: The Canadian paramedic traveling until his bank account runs out. Just accepted into medical school, Ben is a complex man with a passion for traveling. I was more than happy to spend an evening out with him and then kayak with him the following evening. A constant eye-roller, but an amazing guy to be around. Also, he has this amazing ability to bargain, so our whole group was able to get drunk for just 200 baht.

May and other hostel receptionists: I cannot stress enough how much the employees of the hostels make the hostels the best. At Pop In Hostel in Krabi, the staff was incredible. Not only did they get us deals on tours, but they were a hoot to be around. They even told us to steal the AC remote from the lady who kept turning it off at night. Really can’t stress how great these ladies were.

Pear: The local Thai girl I met on Koh San Road in Bangkok. Extremely thrilled to be speaking to an American, she and her friend were incredible people and extremely nice. I cannot say that there are many young ladies like these two wandering the streets of Bangkok. I loved spending time with them and dancing with them all evening.

Matthew & Michael Jordan: Although not traveling together, Matthew and French and Michael Jordan a guy from Austria, these two were the funniest guys I met in Bangkok. Although Matthew’s English was not very good, he was so funny. He spent thirty minutes telling us about his newly tailored bright orange striped business shirt he just had made. He also told us about the shirt he had to buy in the rain because of all his clothes were in the wash. I also want to point out that even after his clothes were washed, he continued to wear the orange elephant shirt he purchased before. Michael Jordan, although I can’t remember if his name is actually Michael or Jordan, was a hysterical Austrian. He was the first and only Austrian I met on this trip, and although he is headed home, I wish him nothing but the best.

Three English Lads in the Hall of Mad Monkey: The last three people I met in Bangkok deserve a special place at the end. While most people were getting in from their night out, Ronald and I were headed to the airport at 3 am in the morning to catch our flight to Vietnam. Sitting on the floor outside of the rooms, I could sense that one of the lads was extremely distressed. Well, turns out he was inches away from sleeping with a ladyboy, and even worse, he robbed him. Thankfully he only lost about 20$, but I think he was still in shock that he was inches away from being penetrated by a man who looked like a hot woman. These three guys deserve the final spot in because they simply summed up my Thailand trip in one conversation; thrilling, adventurous, exciting, spontaneous, comedic, and nothing short of a surprise.

Although I have not listed everyone, these 75+ people have made a lasting impression on me and my travels throughout Thailand. Thank you for the memories.

Lots of love,


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