Places to stay in Vietnam

Picking places to stay in Vietnam range from homestays to hotels, to hotels. They are all about the same price, so picking the right place can be a challenge.

Ho Chi Minh

Although I booked a bed in Flipside hostel, I was so “citied” out just coming from Bangkok, that I was ready to evacuate the busy life as fast as I could catch a bus out of there. Rob at Flipside went out of his way to make sure I had a set plan for Vietnam as far as recommended places to stay and things to do. He was AMAZING. He let us use the facilities and booked our bus tickets, all without making us pay for the bed that night. I would 15/10 recommend this place. They have a nice bar, pool, and location!

Flipside Hostel 

Da Lat

As soon as we got off the bus, we immediately went to Da Lat Family Hostel, which is pretty much a homestay. They have dorm rooms, but they do family dinner, they have a private sound proof room/bar, and the staff is amazing. They can sign you up for canyoning, which is what Da Lat is known for, and they do it at a cheaper price! You’ll really like Da Lat because it is finally in some bearable weather. They can arrange everything for you, and they are a great family. I would highly recommend staying here. I also heard good things about the Tree House Hostel. If you would like to stay in Tree House Bunk Beds, this could be your next best option!

Da Lat Family Hostel

Hoi An

Sunflower Hostel is your best option, HANDS DOWN! With an amazing pool and a great Happy Hour deal, there is no going wrong with this place. They offer extremely cheap bike rentals and they’re super friendly. Every night they have unlimited drinks from 8-10 for 100,000 dong, so everyone is smashed by 9:30. They also set up motor scooter rentals for the Hoi Van Pass at a good rate and with a trustworthy company. Sunflower is a great place to stay, and they’d be more than happy to recommend places to get your suit or clothes made. Loved them!

Sunflower Hotel


After a long day biking through the pass, staying at Casablanca Boutique Hotel was a must. Exhausted and ready for a quiet bedroom, I booked a private room for only 10$. Cheap, clean, cute, and quaint, this hotel is perfect for the one night you stay in Hue. They also set up busses for you and serve you breakfast at all hours and give you LOTS of green tea to drink.

Casablanca Hotel

Phong Nha

Although the bus ride to Phong Nha was incredibly dreadful, it was amazing to get to Easy Tiger. EVERY backpacker raves about this place, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to book this place online. Only discovered by word of mouth and through other supporting hostels around Vietnam, you can get ahold of Easy Tiger through email. You are required to have a 2-night minimum, and that’s perfect for Phong Nha if not even one more day. This place is huge and they employ so many locals. They are great about giving back to the community, often recommending you go other places for services like scooters or bus tickets, Easy Tiger is about the people. With live music, a great pool, free beer at 6 pm, and tons of hammocks, Easy Tiger is a MUST on your itinerary. If for some reason, you cannot stay 2 nights, go down the street to Gecko, and here you can party but you’re also welcome to go to Easy Tiger to party as well.

Easy Tiger Seamus/Mikey 


Easy Tiger Hostel,  

Phong Nha Village,  



If you are taking the early morning bus like we did from either Ninh Binh or Phong Nha, you can pop into Flipside in Hanoi for half priced beds. This place was super convenient for getting sleep when we arrived at 5 am. Although not as great as the Flipside down south, they do offer an awesome bar and a pub crawl.

If you are looking for a party hostel, I would highly recommend staying at Hanoi Central Backpackers either the old quarter or original one. Only being 15 minutes apart, you can easily go in between the two. The Old Quarter has a very nice rooftop bar and they offer great deals every night. They also run an AMAZING pub crawl that is hard to beat.

If you are looking for a quiet hostel or private room for a good price, I would recommend Golden Snake. Just down the road from the Hanoi Central original location, this place is quiet, clean, and the staff is unforgettable.

ALL of these places serve free breakfast, so it’s hard to be super choosy. I loved all three of these places for I stayed almost a week in Hanoi. When I wanted to party, Hanoi Central was the place, but once I came down with tonsillitis, Golden Snake was the perfect place to recover.

Hanoi Central also offers a tour called Hideaway tour, the laid back version of Castaway. For 100$ cheaper, this tour is hard to miss. It takes you to a private island in Ha Long Bay, and you’ll make some incredible memories here.

Central Backpackers Original (Rooftop Bar)

Central Backpackers Old Quarter

Flipside Hanoi

Golden Snake Hostel


Staying anywhere but a home stay in Sapa is pretty much the bad option. Most people book a tour with their hostel in Hanoi. They usually provide the bus ticket a trekking tour, and a home stay, so that is a pretty good option. If you’re just buying your ticket and going up to Sapa on a whim, I recommend staying and Trek King Kong House. You’ll stay in these little huts and it is a little more than everywhere else, but they provide breakfast and they have family dinner. The experience was worth the three extra dollars. Tracy the girl who helps run the Homestay is amazing and nothing short of a good time. I thoroughly enjoyed Sapa. We were lucky with the weather, but please do make sure you prepare for rain.

Trek King Kong

Overall, I was pretty much directed on where to stay by Rob from Flipside in Ho Chi Minh. I am beyond grateful that he made me a list of places to stay and things to do. Without that list, I am sure we would have stayed at some pretty bad placed. I loved each and every one of these Hostels. Thanks, Rob!



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