To finish my series on Thailand, I feel that it is important to just highlight the best places to stay throughout the entire country.

From the beginning,

If you’re starting in Bangkok, I would hands down recommend staying at Mad Monkey. New and in a great location, I give this place an 8/10 rating. They have a pool, pretty good food, rooms are good, and the location is great!

Chiang Mai
I loved Brick House Hostel. I rave about them throughout most of my Chiang Mai posts, but I think that the people we found here were just amazing. I rate them a 7.8/10. If you’re looking for more of a party hostel with also good people, I recommend staying at Deejai Hostel, 8/10. They also have a location in Pai.


Deejai or you can stay and Happy House or Purple Monkey. Both of these locations usually book and are not by Chiang Mai standards, but Pai is easily accessible, and these places are great. 7/10 for all three of these hostels.

Surat Thani
Toby’s Hostel/House, they set everything up for you and are a good price. Not a party hostel by any means, but it’s a good stopover place between your flights and ferry ride to the islands! For the chill circumstances, 8/10.

Koh Tao
Taco Shack #2 is new and popping. All though their food isn’t the greatest, they party, and everyone goes here 9/10. CK Hostel is the second option, but while under construction, it isn’t an ideal place to stay, 6/10.

Koh Phangnan
Nomad House for a constant party. Luke and the Mexican bartenders rock the entire front, so make sure to say hi to them, 8.5/10. If you are there for Fullmoon, I recommend Phangan Pearl Hostel which is located on Haad Rin. Quiet and clean, this place is great to get away from the party, 10/10.

Pop-In Hostel is one of my favorite hostels I have ever stayed at. The staff is friendly, helpful, and they got us discounts on our tours! Amazing location and great atmosphere, 11/10.

All in all, I hope that these easy tidbits will help you have a great time in Thailand!




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