Located in the mountains of Vietnam, it is really nice to be somewhere you have to wear warm clothes. I was happy I packed a pair of leggings and a sweater because I definitely needed it. The mountains are filled with rain and fog most of the wet months in Vietnam, so coming in August made for a rainy trip.

We spent two days here, and just like everyone else, we had two things we needed to do: canyoning and the maze bar.

We were in a hurry to get through as much of Vietnam as possible, so with our open bus ticket, we only stayed in da lat for two nights. In my opinion, this is all you need because there really isn’t much to do here except the two big things I mentioned.

On the first night, we immediately arrived at Da Lat Family Homestay, and I cannot recommend this place enough. It’s a homestay with great dorm rooms. So really, it is a hostel, but a family feel.

The owners are amazing, and for 50,000 dong you get to join in a family dinner feast. It brings everyone in the hostel together, and you’ll be sure to meet great people who you will want to go to the maze bar with.

They have a soundproof room/bar that everyone goes to after 2200pm, and it’s warm and cozy.

The hostel also gives a great discounted price for canyoning, so I would buying your tour with them. OH… & you also get a free tank top if you buy the tour with them. 

After we got off our long bus ride from Ho Chi Minh, we immediately showered and met people who wanted to go to the maze bar. We left around 2230 because the bar closes at 0000.

The hostel will call you a taxi service, and you can get to the maze bar for about 75,000dong. When you get to the bar grab some drinks, some friends, and play some hide and go seek. Sounds weird… but once you’re there, you will understand. This bar is definitely a fire hazard, but it is the craziest and most confusing bar I have ever been to.

The walls have secret passageways and it is basically decorated as an underground Alice and Wonderland Rabbit Hole. The bar has three meeting points, one being with a balcony, one with an exit, and one just in the middle.

There is also this ‘rabbit man’ walking around with a rabbit neck tattoo, so if you’re looking for some Mary Jane, he is your hookup. They have two bars located at the entrance/exit and then on the balcony hang out.

Overall, this bar was filled with crazy adventures and people who shared their drunk wisdom with us.

After we left the bar when it closed at 000, we realized that there wasn’t much else going on in town. Everyone pretty much went home, but a group of us found some locals selling Bah mi (a local sandwich with ham, cheese, and cilantro). We joined locals and spent the next thirty minutes trying to speak broken English. By the end of our conversation not only did we get free sandwiches, but we made some new friends who took pictures of just us… Refusing to be in it haha.

Early in the morning, we left for the canyoning tour. For 35$ USD, we got to canyon through some of the coolest waterfalls in Dalat and we got lunch. Yum. The overall canyoning part is a very adventurous task, and you definitely mustn’t be afraid of heights, hanging, or water, because if so, then this activity is not for you.

The company provides all of the gear, including wetsuits, so don’t worry about getting cold. You will be fine!

Overall, I had a great time canyoning. Ben and Tom were our tour guides, and they were great.

When we got back after the tour, we napped, and then made our way to family dinner. We met crazy people from all over the world, mostly the UK, but it was a great evening.

We went into their soundproof room where we played drinking games which included, “I have, but I bet you have not” and ride the bus. The first game is a much better version of never have I ever, so if you’d like to add that to your repertoire, please do.

Dalat was a refreshing experience. It’s a ‘must’ destination on your Vietnam itinerary.

If you have any questions, hit me up.



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